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November 2016
Junior Band – Chad Ploss
Covington Square – Swearingen
Amazing Grace – arr. Edmondson
Adrenaline Engines – Standridge
Elementary Chorus – Christopher Tucker
The Arrow and the Song – Longfellow/Berry
Cantate Hodie! (Sing Today) – Lightfoot
Sing to Me – Wilcox/Ramsey
Hotaru Koi – arr. Tucker
It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) – arr. Emerson
Jazz Band – Keith Pray (Conductor)
Moten Swing arr. Wilkins
Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting – Mingus
Congo Maluence – arr. Madera
C Jam Blues – arr. Berger
Senior Chorus – Eric Nelsen (Conductor)
How Can I Keep Singing? – arr. Walker
The Road Not Taken – Thompson
If Music Be The Food Of Love – Heveningham and Dickau
Baba Yetu – Tin


January 2016

Elementary Band – Josh Thompson

Fanfare Supernova (Clarke), Prehistoric Suite (Jennings), Rolling in the Deep (arr. Kazik), What a Wonderful World (arr. Sebesky)

Junior Chorus – Alexis Bresnahan

Duond Akuru (Dilworth), Te Le Vous Dirai (Dilworth), I Dream a World (Thomas), The Cuckoo (Hugh)

String Orchestra – Chelsea Reeves

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, 1st Movement (Mozart), Spy vs. Spy (Turner), Lion City (Newbold)

Jazz Chorus – Gail Sparlin

Choose Something Like a Star (Thompson), Route 66 (arr. Averre), Sleep (Whitacre), Smile for Me (Sparlin)

Senior Band – Chris Vitale

Into the Clouds (Saucedo), The Wearing of the Green (arr. Anderson), Dancing in Air (Goto), Ayre for Eventide from Three Ayres from Gloucester (Stewart)


Junior Chorus – Conducted by


Elementary Band – Conducted by


Jazz Choir –  Conducted by


Senior Band – Conducted by Robert Allen

A Galop to End All Galops (Warren Barker), Foundry (John Mackey), Sleep (Eric Whitacre), Novo Lenio (Samuel Hazo)


ELEMENTARY CHORUS ………………………………….Katie Gardiner, Conductor, Chris Siegenthaler, Accompanist

Dona Nobis Pacem (Traditional),  The Sally Gardens (Benjamin Britten), Siyahamba (Arranged by Donald Moore), The Water is Wide (Adapted by Luigi Zannelli), Follow the Drinking Gourd (Rollo Dilworth)

SENIOR CHORUS –Christina Pizzino-Catalano, Conductor, Joyce Hoffman, Accompanist

Neighbor’s Chorus from the comic opera La jolie Parfumeuse (Jacques Offenbach), Remember from Two Rossetti Songs (Stephen Chatman), Daemon Irrepit Callidus (György Orbán), The Battle of Jericho (arr. Gerald E. Brown)

JAZZ ENSEMBLE–Brian Carucci, Conductor

Blues Mode (Rich Sigler), Cheesecake Dexter (Gordon arr. Rick Stitzel), L’il Basie (Mike Carubia), The Defibrillator (Adrien Re)

JUNIOR BAND–Michael Graves, Conductor

Spania! (David Shaffer),…And Goodnight (Chris Bernotas), Irish air and dance (Traditional Arr. Michael Story), Shipwrecked (Ryan Knowlin)


Junior Chorus – Conducted by Frank Leavitt

Try to Remember (arr. Althouse), African Noel (arr. Lewis), Old American Song Suite (arr. Day), Gloria In Excelsis (arr. Perry/Perry), Charlottown – (arr. Bryan)

Elementary Band – Conducted by Michael Silvagnoli

The Royal Tower (Sweeney), Nocturnal Dances (Smith), Valley Circle March (O’Reilly), Rocky Mountain Romp (Balmages)

Jazz Choir –  Conducted by Teresa Broadwell

Straighten Up and Fly Right (Broderick), Satin Doll (arr. Shaw), Autumn Leaves (arr. Rutherford), Everybody Loves My Baby (arr. Shaw)

Senior Band – Conducted by Norin Lavender

Entrance of the Gladiators (arr. Glover), Danse Bohemian (Standridge), West Salem Winds (Huckeby), Gravity Wave (Balmages)

Elementary Chorus – Conducted by Brook Greco

Who Will Be A Witness? (arr. Moore), Music Speaks (arr. Beck), Tuimbe (Waggoner), Give Us Hope (arr. Nunez), Let Freedom Ring (Althouse)

Senior Chorus – Conducted by Heather Baird

Fa Una Canzona – (Vecchi), Domine Fili Unigenite (arr. Martins), Banks of Doon (arr. Burns), Wheels of a Dream (arr. Leavitt)

Jazz Ensemble – Conducted by Dr. William Meckley

Slight Derangement (Zvacek), Sidewinder (arr. Taylor), Freddie Freeloader (arr. Hooper), The Dance of Denial (Mossman), Oye Como Va (arr. Lavender)

Junior Band – Conducted by Edwin Newell

Newcastle March (Vinson), Glengarry Hills (Nelson), Suite in Minor Mode (arr. Siekermann/Oliver), Lord of the Rings (arr. Ford)



Elementary Band – Conducted by Bryan Cady

March mania, A potpourri of Great March Melodies (arr. Story), Medieval Legend (Story), In the Bleak Mid-Winter (arr. Curnow), Legend of the Yankee Clippers (Swearingen), John Williams Trilogy (arr. Moss)

Junior Chorus – Conducted by Rebecca Feeney

Krie Eleison (arr. Eilers), Bonse Aba (arr. Johnson), Make Them Hear from Ragtime (arr. Funk), Rhythm of Life (arr. Barnes)

Jazz Choir – Conducted by Sheri Strichman

The Longest Time (arr. Shaw), A String of Pearls (arr. Kerr), Thank You for the Music (arr. Shaw), Swingin’ With the Saints (arr. Hayes)

Senior Band – Conducted by Matthew Weyant

Fanfares (arr. Nelhybel), 2nd Suite in F (Holst), Legend of the Ancient Hero (Yeo), As all the Heavens Were A Bell (Bocook)

Jazz Ensemble – Conducted by Nathan Kaercher

Downtown Shuffle (arr. Tyzik), Sweet Spot (arr. Yasinitsky), Orange Sherbert (arr. Nestico), Tow Away Zone (arr. Carubia)

Elementary Chorus – Conducted by Walter Chaikowski

La Violette, Acadian Folk Song (arr. Brumfield), Keep Your Hand on the Plow (arr. Miller), When Children Sing (Goetze),Torah Orah, Hebrew Folk Song (arr. Adams)

String Orchestra – Karen Russell

Il Re Pastore (arr. Monday), Fantasia on a 17th Century Tune (arr. Stephan), Overture to Semiramide (arr. Lipton)

Senior Chorus – Conducted by David Rossi

Joy in the Morning (arr. Sleeth), Elijah Rock (arr. Hairston), Old English Blessing (Agay), Defying Gravity (arr. Emerson), Sliver Wings (Beall/Carter)

Junior Band – Conducted by Louise Schwartz

La Fiesta Brava (Edmonson), Reverie (arr. Erickson), Beyond the Horizon (Ricketts), Rhythmata (Morales)



Junior Chorus – Conducted by Jeffrey Vredenburgh

Sing Out This Day (arr. Liebergeben), Skye Boat Song (arr. Rodgers), American Folk Rhapsody (arr. Spevacek), You Can’t Stop The Beat from Hairspray (arr. Emerson)

Elementary Band – Conducted by Marc Bachorik

Classic Bits and Pieces (arr. Story), Spirit of the Wolf (Oare), Paraphernalia Polka (Edmondson), The Tempest (Smith), Don’t Stop Believin’ (arr. Murtha)

Jazz Choir – Conducted by Teresa Broadwell

It’s Only A Paper Moon (arr. Shaw), It Never Entered Words (arr. Rutherford), Birdland (arr. Emerson),

Rt. 66 (arr. Shaw)

Senior Band – Conducted by Christopher Neubert

Deerpath Dances (Holsinger), Solas Ane (Hazo), Chorale and Shaker Dance (Zdechlik), The Fairest of the Fair (ed. Fennell)

Jazz Ensemble – Conducted by Dave Fisk

Basie’s Buddy B (LaBarbera), Raincheck (Strayhorn), I Remember Clifford (arr. Nestico), The Last Lap (Zvacek)

Elementary Chorus – Conducted by Karen Amedio

For the Beauty of the Earth (Rutter), Dansi Na Kuimba (Perry/Perry), Dark Brown is the River (arr. Snyder), Give Us Hope (arr. Nunez)

String Orchestra – Conducted by Kimberly Kondenar

Finale of Serenade No. 9 “Pasthorn” (arr. Dackhow), Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana (arr. Simpson), An Irish Party in Third Class (arr. Morre)

Senior Chorus – Conducted by Dr. Kevin J. McDonald

Samba (Bukvich), Blow, Blow Thou Winterwind (Rutter), Simona MiDimona (arr. Jacobsen), Hope for Resolution (arr. Ivory)

Junior Band – Conducted by Dave Bresnahan

Pacifica Concert March (Wada), Georgia On My Mond (arr. Brown), Spania (Schaffer), Torrents of Fire (Neeck)



Elementary Band – Conducted by Michael Patrizio

Imperium (Sweeney), Do-Re-Mi from the Sound of Music (arr. Kopetz), What A Wonderful World (arr. Sebesky), Cape Spear March (Feldstein/O’Reilly)

Junior Chorus – Conducted by Rossi

Music You Are A Friend to Me (Kay/Althouse), Rhythm of Life (arr. Barnes), Shenandoah (arr. Spevacek), How Can I Keep from Singing (Gilpin)

Jazz Choir – Conducted by Laura Osgood

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (arr. Brymer), Everbody Loves My Baby (arr. Shaw), In My Life (arr. Zegree), Don’t Stop Beliievin’ (ad. Emerson)

Senior Band – Conducted by Robert Bennett

Black Horse Troop (Sousa), Amazing Grace (Ticheli), Courtly Airs and Dances (Nelson), The Great Locomotive Chase (Smith)

Elementary Chorus – Conducted by Siegenthaler

Down By the Riverside (Printz), J’entends Le Mouin (arr. Crocker), One Small Voice (arr. Emerson), Galop (Berg)

Junior Band – Conducted by Rich Johnson

SPQR: Senatus Populusque Romanus (Johnson), Prairie Dance (Holsinger), Alien Visitors (Margolis), Selections from “The Lion King” (arr. Lavender)

Jazz Ensemble – Conducted by Andrew Jaffe

It’s Glory (Nelson), Airegin (Hollman), Whisper Not (Golson), Cubanza (Mossman), Scratchin’ in the Gravel (Williams)

String Orchestra – Conducted by Karen Russell

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (arr. Isaac), Blue Fire Fiddler (Newbold), Frolicsome Finale from Simple  Symphony (Britten)

Senior Chorus – Conducted by Dr. James Niblock

Psallite (Praetorius), He Watching Over Israel (Mendelssohn), Dirait-on (Lauridsen), Nelly Bly (arr. Halloran)



String Orchestra – Conducted by Dave Beck

MacPherson’s Lament (A Scootish Air) (arr. Marshall.Phillips), Andante Festivo (Sibelius), Folk Tune and Fiddle Dance (Percy Fletcher)

Senior Chorus – Conducted by Jeffrey Vredenburg

The Star Spangled Banner (arr. McElvy), Harriet Tubman (arr. Coates), The Gift To Be Simple (arr. Chilcott), Swingin’ With the Saints (arr. Hayes)

Jazz Ensemble – Conducted by Kevin Hendrick

Get it On (arr. Moss), Four Brothers (arr. Blair), Here’s That Rainy Day (arr. Barton), Afro Blue (arr. Mossman), Ran Kan Kan (arr. Mossman)

Elementary Chorus – Conducted by Brook Greco

Perfect Winter Day (arr. Jennings), Pie Jesu (arr. Lightfoot), Crawdad Song (arr Miller), A Distant Shore (arr. O’Strid/Donnelly), Clap Your Hands and Sing Hallelujah! (Besig/Price)

Junior Band – Conducted by Adam Streeter

Covington Square (Swearingen), Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (arr. Bocook), The Great Steamboat Race (Smith), Excapada (Moore)

Elementary Band – Conducted by Christopher Rowlands

El Capitan (arr. Story/Smith), An Irish Air (arr. Sheldon), Serengeti Dreams (Smith), Raiders March (arr. Bullock)

Junior Chorus – Conducted by Ambigay Yudkoff

American Jubilee (arr. Spevacek), All I Ask of You from “Phantom of the Opera” (arr. Brymer), The Three-Way Canon Blues (Bryant), Danny Boy (arr. Hayes), World Music Medley (arr. Yudkoff)

Jazz Choir  – Conducted by Dr. Michael Levi

Autumn Leaves (arr. Rutherford), Softly As I Leave You (arr. Levi), New York State of Mnd (arr. Brymer), Centerpiece (arr. Trottman), Blue Skies (arr. Zegree)

Senior Band – Conducted by Dr. Robert Hansborough

A Longford Legend (Sheldon), Semper Fidelis March (arr. Brion/Schissel) , Trail of Tears (Barnes), The City of Lights (Watkin)


Jazz Ensemble – Conducted by Michael Perry

When I Fall In Love (arr. Carubia), Slam (arr. Taylor), Lil’ Darlin’ (Hefti), A Night in Tunisia (arr. Ford)

Elementary Chorus – Conducted by Nicole Sommers

Shades (Beebe), A World of Difference (Martin), Elijah and Joshua (Albrecht), Gloria Deo (Lightfoot), Ease On Down the Road (Smalls)

String Orchestra – Conducted by Joseph D. Gumpper

Fantasia on a 17th Century Tune (Stephan),  Concerto in D Major (Telemann, arr. Dowty), Bossa Verde (Ligon)

Senior Chorus – Conducted by Heather Baird

All Ye Who Music Love (Donato), Gloria from Heiligmesse (F.J. Hayden), Hine Ma Tov (Neil Ginsberg), Bridge Over Troubled Water (arr. Shaw)

Junior Band – Conducted by Robert Allen

Canto (McBeth), Londonerry Air (arr. Kinyon),  Night on Bald Mountain (Mussorcsky, arr. Williams), When Johnny Comes Marching Home (arr. Person/Elledge)

Elementary Band – Conducted by William Gaillard

To Gallant Heros (Del Borgo), Attack of the Slide Trombones (Hannickel), New World Symphony (arr. Murtha), Silver Scepter (Kinyon), Y.M.C.A. (arr. Vinson)

Junior Chorus – Conducted by Rebecca Feeney

Sing for Joy (arr. Spevacek), American Folk Rhapsody (arr. Spevacek),  Bashana Haba’ah (arr. Leavitt), How Can I Keep From Singing (arr. Gilpin),  Seize the Day (arr. Emerson)

Senior Band – Conducted by Dr. Dennis Johnston

Fanfare Prelude on “God of Our Fathers” (Curnow), Fortress (Tichelli), Tritsch-Tratsch Polka (arr. Reed), Ravel: Pavane for a Dead Princess (arr. McGinty), Sabre Dance (Khachaturian, arr. Bullock)


Jazz Ensemble – Conducted by Kevin Barcomb

Hot Chocolate (arr. Berry), Shiny Stockings (arr. Nestico), Nutville (arr. Barduhn), A Child is Born (arr. Denton), Brass Machine (Taylor)

Elementary Chorus – Conducted by Diana McManus

Alexander’s Ragtime Band (arr Wagner), Gloria Tibi Domine (Gilpin), I Have A Dream (arr. Strid), Dansi Na Kuimba (Perry), The Glory Train (Grier/Everson)

String Orchestra – Conducted by David Alan Miller

Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 (3rd Movement) (J.S.Bach, arr. Jasinski), The Enchanted Garden (from Mother Goose) (Ravel, arr. Hopkins), Waltz of the Wicked (Mosier)

Senior Chorus – Conducted by Dr. Michael Levi

The Road Not Taken (Thompson), In Remembrance from Requiem (Daley), The Lone Wild Bird (Women’s Chorus) (arr. Levi), The Mermaid (Men’s Chorus) (arr. Levi), Festival Sanctus (Leavitt)

Junior Band – Conducted by Mark Eiser

When Honor Prevails (Swearingen),  An American Hymntune (Amazing Grace) (arr. Sheldon), Kentucky-1800 (Grundman), American Exultant (Fillmore, arr. Glover)

Junior Chorus – Conducted by Katie Kalota

O Sifuni Mungu (Emerson), Give Me The Simple Life (arr. Robinson), Home to Stay (Althouse), Pie Jesu (arr. Lightfoot), Elijah Rock (Emerson)

Elementary Band – Conducted by Lucas Christensen

The Silver Scepter (Kinyon), Spectrum (Story), On-Line March (O’Reilly), Year of the Dragon (Sweeney)

Swing Choir – Conducted by Stephanie Schneider

Just in Time (arr. Zegree), The Birth Of The Blues (arr. Shaw),  Embraceable You (arr. Shaw), Fly Me To The Moon (Shaw), Alright, OK, You Win (arr. Shaw)

Senior Band – Conducted by Scott Hanrahan

Fanfare and Toccata (Huckeby), Irish Tune from Country Derry (Grainger),  Pirates of the Caribbean (Symphonic Suite)(arr. Wasson), The Washington Post March (arr. Brion/Schissel)

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